Clouds in Sky


         Selecting a school for your child is an important decision. We are here to lay the foundation for a sound and secure future for your child. 

A glimpse of our key features will help you understand that Jocund Hearts School is the right choice that you are going to make for your child.

  • Recreational and upscale amenities

  • Cross-curriculum‌ learning‌ which is comprehensive and contemporary

  • Reggio‌ ‌Emilia's approach and ‌ ‌ Montessori ‌method for enhancement of Multiple Intelligences and holistic development.

  • Healthy Nutritious food

  • CCTV enabled campus

  • Facilities - Smart Boards, Projectors, Jungle Gym 

  • Multi-Purpose Hall for group activities

  • Built-up the area around 5500 sq feet and open playground of about 14000 sq feet

  • Values, Respect, ‌ ‌responsibility‌ , and ‌ ‌ communication ‌taught ‌ ‌ through ‌exploration ‌and ‌ ‌ discovery‌ ‌within social environment‌ imbibed in the play way method.

  • Socio-Emotional Learning portfolio for children and adults

  • Parents cafe 

  • Low Child: Teacher ratio of 10:1 to ensure undivided individualized attention

  • We are diligent about health and hygiene and are constant in an effort to accomplish it.