Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1. What is the registration process at Jocund Hearts School?

The parents would have to register their child (online / in the school office)  for the age-appropriate class.  All the relevant documents need to be submitted along with the application form.  On completion of the registration process, Both the parents will be invited for an interaction with the school administration. Admission will be done on first-cum first-serve basis and confirmed after the payment of the fees and all other charges as per our Fee structure. We conduct no formal interviews with the child or the parents.

Q.2. What are the documents to be attached along with the Application Form?

  1. Duly filled Admission Form 

  2. Recent colored passport size photographs of the student with the name written behind each photograph

  3. Recent colored passport size photographs of each parent with the name & relationship written behind each photograph

  4. Self-Attested Copy of valid passport / Aadhar Card/ Driving License / any other govt approved address proof of the student and any one parent

  5. Copy of birth certificate of the student

  6. Copy of Immunization Card

  7. Copy of Aadhar card of mother

  8. Copy of Aadhar card of father

  9. Copy of Aadhar card of the child

Q.3. Whom do I contact for admissions?

Please contact the Administrator / Counsellor at

Mobile+91 9619007741 / +91 6353246302

Email -

Q.4. What is the approach to education at Jocund Hearts School?

A cross-curricular pedagogical approach that is comprehensive and contemporary, having no set boundaries is bolstered with the Reggio Emilia approach and Maria Montessori approach. We intend to promote children's social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical development through play and structured activities. Each child's progress is regularly observed and noted to scheme quality care and each child's individual needs.

Q.5. What is the fee structure? 

We are happy to provide a waiver of Admission Fees for the First 50 students of Preschool, as a special case, since this is our year of launch. Parents are requested  to contact school office for more detail

image (1).png

Quarterly Fees Payable by 10th Apr’2021, 10th July 2021, 10th Oct 2021, and 10th Jan 2022

Note - This Fee includes outbound Trips planned within the City. Any outbound planned outside the City limits would be on chargeable basis. 

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Fees crop.jpg

Q.6. How Do we apply for the admission 

Please download the registration form from the link 

Please download the Admission form from the link 

Q.7. Does the school provide transport? What are the charges for transport? 

Yes, the school provides transport all over Gurgaon. The details can be discussed with the Transport In-charge during the visit to the school. Please see the Fees structure for Transport charges 


Q.8. What is the cost of the uniform?

The uniform cost will be charged on an actual basis. Uniforms will be arranged at school and can be collected from school reception at the given stipulated time.  

 Q.9. How Frequent are the outbound trips arranged by the school? 

It would be the regular practice to take students for excursions/trips for educational purposes. A consent form will be taken from parents for the same 3 days prior to the planned Trip. 

Q.10. Other than a PTM, when can a parent interact with the teacher?

We understand how concerned a parent can be for their child. To encourage parent-teacher interaction, parents can schedule a meeting with the teacher with a prior appointment.