Jocund Hearts School will actively monitoring the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will be updating this website regularly to share information about the Schools preparations and responses. We are also following the CDC and DC Department of Health guidelines on responding to the virus.

             The Department of Social Services guidelines for opening tell us how many children we can have in a class and that classes cannot mix to reduce the risk of spreading COVID19 to the whole community.  This presents some challenges for us regarding our daily schedule, napping routines, and afternoon lessons for the older children, but we are confident that we will make it work and create and maintain a healthy learning environment for everyone! 

Health Check

This era of COVID epidemic mandates responsible and cooperative behavior from all.

In the interest of the health and safety of all the children, the center would be following some basic guidelines.

  • We will ensure that all our staff is screened and evaluated for any signs of Coronavirus infection daily and strict hygiene and sanitization is maintained on the premises. They will be changing to their daycare uniform to minimize infection transmission. 

  • No outsider adults including parents will be allowed during the hours kids are present unless unavoidable circumstances are there. Official meeting hours with the authorities will be after school closes for the day. Mask will be mandatory for all adults.

  • All children will also be screened/enquired for symptoms of cough, fever, sore throat, chills, body aches etc. Touchless thermometers will be used for temperature recording while entry into the premises. Anything above 99.5F will prohibit entry till proper medical checkup and prescription. This temperature should be strictly off any medication for fever.

  • It is requested that any child if he/she has any contagious illness, including viral fever, respiratory tract infection, and diarrhea must abstain from coming to school. At the time of joining after the illness, a proper consent for fitness from pediatrician/physician should be submitted

  • Kindly update the day care authorities regarding medical status of the child regularly in case of leave due to medical reasons.