Age Group: 2 to 14 years

Timings: 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM (Flexible timings)

Facilities for daycare are available on Saturdays as well. However, it is separately charged 
Working days: Monday to Friday

In this age of nuclear families and women empowerment, it is common to see households with working couples/single parents constantly on the lookout for quality care-givers for their young children. Whilst many options are available from trained and untrained individual care-givers or certified and un-certified daycare centers, parents are often left desiring better professional care for their precious one. No parent can work in peace if they are constantly worried about the quality of care being provided to their little one whilst they are away at the office.
We at JHS provide a homely and nurturing environment where each child can thrive. There is a colorful, flexible & organic environment with lot of scope for visual stimulation & tactile exploration; an environment that immerses young children in a network of emotionally safe relationships and experiences. We provide the ultimate care for kids through reliable and trained caregivers. 

All children in childcare need regular healthy meals, snacks, and fluids (drinks). Promoting children’s health is an important aspect of good quality childcare. It’s important that children in care are offered nutritious meals and enjoy positive mealtime experiences. We always keep in mind these requirements. 

Maintaining a cleanliness and hygiene environment is highly essential in this pandemic era, we follow a certain set of principles mentioned below:

•    Regular training for all cooks and staff in safe food storage, preparation, and handling of food
•    Safe food handling by children and staff, including sharing of food for example when fruit platters are shared
•    Adequate handwashing by staff and children
•    Safe use of microwave ovens for heating food and drinks.

At our Daycare program, our Teachers interact, observe and discover what children are interested in and plan activities to expand your child’s learning opportunities. Our curriculum is designed to foster a love of learning and the ability to ask questions, seek out answers and build self-confidence. We are childcare that provides parents an option to choose Montessori or Play-Based program at the preschool age. We promote a fun, warm, and friendly atmosphere for children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years old. We provide full and part-time professional childcare in the local area and follow the early year’s foundation stage curriculum to add a structured learning environment for your children. Children are split into different age groups between our 3 main rooms and each child will have a dedicated key worker who will be your main point of contact during their time in each room. Each room provides a stimulating and safe environment for your child with the younger age groups having a staffing ratio of 3 children to every 1 staff member. Children at JHS always feel welcomed, as there will be a happy and relaxed atmosphere. We provide an additional foundation away from the home, where your child will be brimming with self-confidence and also have assurance in their own abilities. We do this through the skills of our dedicated experienced team, where we follow the early year’s foundation stage curriculum, but also add our own innovative ways to learn. We pride ourselves on our quality of care, education, and overall provision. We actively cater for all children’s needs and provide individually tailored support and learning experiences ensuring that the caregiver to child ratio is low, to ensure that your child gets enough supervision and attention when they attend the daycare.