24/7 CCTV surveillance is provided keeping in mind the safety and security of school kids.


Digital projectors are used in classrooms to enhance the imagination and learning ability of kids.


Our School cab is facilitated with a GPS tracking system through which parents can track the location of the vehicle in which their kids are commuting.

GPS enabled transport
Tree House

Treehouse is a step forward for the more freeform learning environment. It would enable children to engage in creative play and interact with nature. Such an open learning environment inspires new ideas and games.

We have an ample playground  of about 15000 sq feet in the school in order to engage kids with various physical activities and exercises. We understand children of today need to develop variety of skill set and  play not only enhances skill set but also promotes executive function of the brain.  

Ample playground

Painting has been the most vocal form of expressions of feelings , ideas and thoughts over the ages. Keeping this in view at JHS we provide a Painting wall ( along with easel & related kit)  to let the ideas and imagination free flow and bring in the creativity of Child on the paint wall.

Painting wall

Like the commonplace lab just in wording that it sets up a painstakingly planned climate and permits the utilization of unique instruments to encourage the comprehensive improvement of the youngsters in all parts of learning.


Blackboards and whiteboards have lived their life. The modern time calls for smart boards. We have created an animated curriculum that is run on each and every classroom through the use of digital boards. We call them smart-boards.

Smart Board

RFID Tracking System is a smart application of RFID technology that can enable parents to rest with peace of mind. In a typical school transport scenario in India, parents do want to track their children – if they got off the transport vehicle or there in it. This is one of the most concerned issues as far parents. 


Apart from being excellent fun, trampolines bring many mental, physical, and academic benefits to the Child; like,  Heart Health , Increased Energy Levels , Coordination & Motor Skills , Happy Minds , A Confidence Boost , Learning Made Easy , A Strong Immune System , A Breath of Fresh Air!

unnamed (1).jpg
Jungle Gym

We have all seen it – the minute a young child spots a jungle gym the anticipated response is a dash in that direction to play, climb, swing, slide, hang, and generally experience the full joy that only a child can with simple free play.

School is facilitated with a multipurpose hall to organize various school functions and events. It is spacious and well equipped with the advanced sound system.

Multi-purpose hall

It can enrich your children’s lives in ways ranging from boosting their self-esteem to improving their motor skills.Clay can captivate a child’s interest for hours, and it has a calming effect. This is also a great me Time of your Child which brings in Focus , calmness , and eagerness to create something which develops an overall positive frame of mind .

Planting wall

At JHS teachers are well equipped to handle child development, have the knowledge and expertise to transform the children into leaders of tomorrow. Various training and workshops are conducted by the pre-school for the teachers to give them exposure in the field of education

10 : 1 Student-Teacher ratio