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We believe in  “Quality in Education and Quality through Education”

Our vision for each young learner is to tap on their innate potentials, develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, be resilient in the adverse situation of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity and become lifelong learners without any boundaries.

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Our mission is to work together to build a respectful, caring, safe, inquisitive, stimulating, and nurturing environment for promoting independent thinking and excellent communication skills. We provide high-quality varied learning experiences to empower all young learners to love and embrace learning, acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them to practice the core values of respect, tolerance, inclusiveness, and excellence.

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We at Jocund Hearts School believe that children are capable to construct their own learning right from the day they are born. We nurture our children to be happy, to be able to express themselves freely, to love themselves and others around them, to have a passion for life, to be the best they possibly can. This is not only our philosophy and goal but also our reward. We reach early experiences with care, love, and assiduous focus on all-round development stimulates and creates distinctive learning situations that build confidence and positively impact their approach.

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Our objective is to provide a child-friendly environment that is safe, secure, caring, and stimulating. Our Curriculum is scientifically designed to enhance the balanced growth and development of children. A cross-curricular pedagogical approach having no set boundaries is bolstered with Reggio Emilia's approach and Maria Montessori's approach. We intend to promote children's social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical development through a combination of playful and structured activities.

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Our Endeavors

At JHS we enable our students to walk on an arduous path of life and to take life with aplomb. We encourage our students to become fair players for the arena of life who are wise knowledgeable and compassionate. we endeavor to provide a conducive environment that treats every student as unique and facilitates learning through the Montessori approach and the Reggio Emilia method. The secret of success lies in their own happiness and well being therefore we at JHSG are mindful of the emotional spiritual and physical health of students